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Small kitchen appliances to completely kit out your kitchen

Small kitchen appliances are essentials that every household needs to help make their favourite meals, snacks and treats; we wouldn’t be able to cook very much without them! Browse House of Home’s enormous range in store and online to find everything you need to completely kit out your kitchen.

We need small kitchen appliances to make breakfast

Think about all of the small kitchen appliances you use every morning just for making breakfast. Your toaster gets your bread to that perfect shade of golden brown before you smear it with butter. You might boil an egg in a poach & boil, before dipping your toast in it. An electric frying pan can cook eggs and sausages for a continental breakfast on a weekend, when you can sit in the garden and eat under the sun.

Don’t forget the juicer you use to squeeze fresh orange juice, or the coffee machine you rely on to pick you up before your commute to the office. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s vital you have all of the small kitchen appliances you need for the best start in the morning.

Use your imagination to create healthy snacks

Small kitchen appliances can be used to make countless meals, snacks and drinks to complement a healthy lifestyle. A kettle can boil water for antioxidant-rich green tea, and a slicer can chop up vegetables for a healthy soup. Blend all of your favourite fruits together to make a delicious smoothie, the perfect post-run drink.

Treat yourself with dessert

Of course, no home would be complete without the small kitchen appliances needed to make delicious desserts. There’s no limit to the flavour combinations of ice cream you can create with a frozen dessert maker, and cake mix can be whipped up in an instant with electronic mixers.

We wouldn’t be able to make all the meals we love if we didn’t have any small kitchen appliances, so browse House of Home’s selection from the best Australian retailers today for the perfect new addition to your kitchen.

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