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Four office desk trends that are so ‘now’

Whether you own a home business, are a student, or are just wanting to fit out your office workplace, a writing desk is an easy and affordable way to inject the latest trends into your office.

Luckily, at House of Home we provide writing desks from a range of Australia’s top brands. This means more variety, so that you can find a writing desk to suit your taste.

Not sure what office trends are currently in vogue? Read on for four office desk trends!

The Scandi office

Clean, minimal and clutter-free, the latest office inspiration comes from one of the happiest places on the planet: Scandinavia.

Desks are flat and one level and come in an array of bleached and burnished woods. Often with crossed over or pin-shaped legs, the simple nature of this desk means that it can fit seamlessly into your office or home environment. The minimalist nature of the style also ensures its longevity; this is a piece that can be easily used through different décor styles.

The minimalist writing desk looks perfect styled with a pendant light and a cute café chair.

Ready to go Scandi? Check out our range of oak desks.

The shabby chic

If you like your décor cute and cottage-style, a shabby chic writing desk would fit in perfectly with your décor. Inspired by the 50s, this style encompasses everything retro!

Go for a desk with swirls and embellishments, oversized knobs and pull-out drawers. Accompany this with a botanical painting for a look that will inspire your creative side every day.

Slick and sleek

If you like everything in your workplace slick, sleek and perfect, opt for a desk that encompasses this. We recommend opting for a black desk and teaming it with a matching black filing cabinet and an ergonomic office chair. How suave!

This trend is great for those who are looking to upgrade a large office, as black desks are professional looking, look great in large numbers and are a bit more forgiving of any dirt or grime accumulated on the job.

Now sit back, relax and get to business!


A coastal themed office injects that little bit of sunshine into your office all year round. For that beach life, choose a writing desk in a natural, wooden material. Rustic and burnished wood is also great for adding a coastal effect.

Top your office with a tropical flower, a scented candle and a seascape painting and allow your home office to be a place where you can chill out, but still get that job done!

Now that you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to get shopping. Whether you are after a desk alone, or want to fit out your entire office, we have everything from desk chairs to flooring.

Now that you've got the style sorted, find out how you can optimise your work space in 7 simple steps.