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Wall Shelving Units to Fit Any Style!

Are you struggling to find an attractive place to store all of your knick-knacks, pictures, books, keepsakes, decorator pieces and more? A wall bookshelf may be the answer! Wall shelves are perfect for many areas of your home, including your:

  • Home office — Why try to fit everything into your desk or hutch when you can install wall shelving units to do the job? Your home office will become a less-cluttered, more productive workspace.

  • Kids’ rooms — Kids are known for being collectors of everything from toys to leaves. Give them a place to store their precious treasures. Not sure all of their toys are display-worthy? Choose a wall shelf that comes with cabinet doors. Simply put away their not-so-attractive items.

  • Home library — Although we all love the Internet, there’s no substitute for books. If you have a book collection and haven’t been able to properly show it off, it’s time to get your home library in order with wall shelving units. Consider purchasing ones that are floor-to-ceiling to make the most of your wall space.

  • Master bedroom — Would you like to add some visual interest to the walls in your bedroom without resorting to more artwork? Use a hanging wall bookshelf to show off a few of your favourite trinkets or even a vase of fresh flowers.

  • Living area — Bring your living room to life with wall shelving units that echo the style of the room. From contemporary to classic and vintage to industrial, there’s a perfect wall bookshelf for your living space.

  • Master bathroom — Looking for a unique way to store bathroom items such as hand towels? Some wall shelving units are the right size, colour and appearance to fit in beautifully with bath décor.

  • Gourmet or eat-in kitchen or dining room — Wall shelves can perfectly store all of your cookbooks or your beautiful vintage pots, pans and ceramic or enamelled cookware. Everything will be organized and easily within your reach!

How to Choose a Wall Shelving Unit

As you browse through the wall shelving units at House of Home, consider the:

  • Colour — Wall bookshelves come in every colour of the rainbow. Some are made of clear materials so the wall shelving units almost disappear into the room.

  • Style — You might be surprised to hear that you can get a wall shelf in a Chinese, contemporary, retro, rustic, provincial, European, Art Deco or another style. On our marketplace, you’ll find a wall shelving unit suited for every room in your house!

  • Material — Manufacturers of fine-quality wall shelving units carefully choose their materials of choice, and you should be just as careful in making your selection. Think about how each material will look against your current style.

Get organized the beautiful way — with wall shelves from House of Home!

Maximise space and get organized with wall units from House of Home!