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Wall Mirrors


Wall mirrors - Create a feeling of space

Sometimes living in a smaller home limits how you can decorate, as darker colours or too many pictures hung up on the walls can make a room feel very cramped. A wall mirror is the perfect solution, as careful placement in certain areas of the home can make a smaller room feel spacious, regardless of how you've chosen to decorate it. Placing a large horizontal mirror in a narrow hallway will open it up, while a vertical mirror in a compromised lounge area will create the appearance of a window into another room.

Save space and add light

Not only do wall mirrors make a room feel bigger, they can also prove to be space savers. For example, choosing one over a standing mirror in your bathroom frees up shelf space and reduces clutter. Mirrors also reflect light, which can brighten up even the most gloomy of rooms.

Decorative and functional, but ultimately timeless

Rather than hanging a picture on your wall, which you will no doubt change when you tire of looking at it, wall mirrors never go out of fashion. There are countless different styles and frames to choose from to suit any room in the home. Opt for a large horizontal mirror with an ornate frame to hang above the fireplace in your lounge, which will act as a conversation piece when you host guests. A floor to ceiling mirror in a bedroom is not only perfect for those who can never decide what to wear, it also adds understated style.

House of Home have a wide array of wall mirrors to choose from to decorate and enhance your home. Whatever you need a mirror for, we have the one to suit you.

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