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Before You Buy a Toilet, Make Sure It Suits Your Style!

The toilet is essential to the bathroom. Even powder rooms are typically equipped with a toilet, even if the only other major furniture accessory in the room is a small basin to properly wash your hands. Even though you need one, however, you don’t have to be limited by style. You’ll find toilets online at House of Home that will make you think differently about this often-used, little-discussed piece of equipment!

Toilet Types

Choosing a toilet for your new bathroom will depend on the space you have available and the style of bathroom you are wanting.

There are two primary toilet designs on the market and one of these, will no doubt prove to be a great choice for your space.

Concealed Toilet Suites

A concealed bathroom cistern can either be wall faced, which sits directly on the floor, or wall hung, leaving the bathroom floor space underneath it visible. These are a popular choice, as the design allows more space for other items in the room.

Wall Faced Toilets

Wall faced toilets provide a classic look, and are generally cheaper that wall hung toilets, they do not require extra wall support, making them cheaper to install than a wall hung toilet

Wall Hung Toilets

Wall-hung toilets generally make a bathroom appear larger, but they may need additional support to hold their and your weigh, this should be factored into the cost of installation to an existing bathroom as it may require reinforcement wall supports.

Non Concealed Toilet Suites

These are your classic toilets that have been around for hundreds of years, they are widely available and very easy to install. They tend to take up a bit more room due to the cistern being mounted on the wall, but do come in compact designs to minimise the intrusiveness of the external cistern.

Just because this type of toilet has been around for a long time does not mean they all conform to the same style, companies have recognised that not everyone has the time and money to install a concealed cistern, resulting in some modern designs being available in this type of toilet.

A Guide to Buying a Toilet Online

Is this your first time buying a toilet online? It can seem overwhelming at first, until you take apart the process piece by piece:

  • Measure the area you can devote to a toilet. This will narrow your choices, because some models are much more suitable for small spaces than are others. On the other hand, if you have a large master bathroom, the size of the toilet’s footprint may be less of an issue. Still, it’s a good idea to know at least a rough estimate of how much room you can devote to your new toilet.

  • Decide what colour toilet you’d prefer. While most homeowners opt for very traditional white toilets, you aren’t limited to white. Toilets come in other colours, such as black and off-white/cream. Which colour will work best with your current or expected bathroom décor?

  • Determine which style of toilet works with your bathroom. On our carefully curated marketplace, you’ll find close coupled, wall faced, connector, linked and wall hung. Close coupled and linked toilets are the traditional type of toilet in which the bowl and tank seem to be fused together, making the toilet look like one large piece. Connector toilets have what looks like a “gap” between the bowl and tank, which adds a vintage feel. Wall hung and wall faced toilets are the most contemporary, creative toilet styles. In fact, some wall faced and wall hung toilets look as much like sculptures as they do toilets!

  • Consider the WELS rating. The WELS rating, which measures water usage efficiency, goes up to six stars. Some people who buy a toilet online are very concerned about investing in a toilet with the highest WELS rating. Please note that a WELS rating is not required and will not be available for every toilet on sale.

Choose to Pick up Your Toilet or Ship It to Your Location

At House of Home, our sellers set their preferred method of getting your product to you. You’ll find some manufacturers offer delivery services, while others require you to pick your toilet up. Browse our online marketplace today to discover more!

Get advice from an expert when updating your bathroom!