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Side Tables


Innovative Ways to Use Side Tables

You can use side tables in innovative ways, including:

In pairings and groupings — You can group relatively small side tables together. Try placing two side-by-side. Three can make a sort of three-leafed clover design, and you can put four small square tables together to make one big square. The best part of groupings is you can change them up whenever you feel like it. This maximises the opportunities you have to be bold and have fun with the side tables you buy!

Placed strategically around a room — Do you want the benefit of a coffee table, but without sacrificing that much space? You can place side tables strategically in front of sitting areas, such as sofas, loveseats and chairs. Not only will you have a place to put down drinks, reading materials and more, but you also can move them out of the way when you don’t need them.

Positioned in corners — With the right side table, you could turn a corner into a functional space. Put a lamp on a corner side table to add light to a dim room. Or, use it to showcase a pretty vase. Maybe you want to showcase some artwork or family photos.

The Side Table in the Bedroom

You can also use your side table in your bedroom. For example, if you have a large bedroom, you can create a special, quiet and private conversational area with two chairs and a side table between. This would make a great place to enjoy a hot cup of tea and biscuit in the evening before bedtime. You can also use side tables in the bedroom instead of traditional nightstands.

Side Tables of All Colours and Materials

When it comes to side tables for sale, there are styles and materials of every kind! You’ll find side tables in every colour of the rainbow, including red, cream, blue, black and silver — just to name a few. If you want a fibreglass or teak side table, you can find one that’s new or used and just waiting to become part of your life. Finally, never forget that side tables come in shapes that are guaranteed to be eye-catching and delightful.

Truly, when you start to look at side tables for sale, you’ll realise quickly that you can easily unleash your creativity and begin to transform any living space. Buy a side table and try something new in your living room, family room, dining room, guest room, bedroom or foyer! There’s no telling how a side table will add character to your home!

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