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We have brought together an incredible range of wall mirrors and decorative mirrors from furniture shops and home décor stores all across Australia, for you to buy online.

Choosing the right mirror for your home

From multi-coloured timber floral framed mirrors to shabby chic stunners, House of Home has an extensive range of mirrors to suit any home and any budget. When choosing the right mirror for you, think about the theme and age of your home and consider whether you’d like something uber-modern or more old-fashioned. Also think about the size of the room or wall you’d like to hang it in – and choose a mirror that fits accordingly. Mirrors can be an exceptional statement piece in a given room, or they can more subtly blend in and add dimension – so consider your needs as you browse.

Placing your mirror

Feng shui experts say mirrors can help or hinder the flow of energy around a home. If you’re into feng shui and believe the art of placement can influence your health, wealth and happiness, it might be worth taking on a few tips. Feng shui says mirrors are best placed in living rooms, not bedrooms. Remember that anything a mirror reflects will double, so place it in front of views of trees rather than of dirty corners. When considering your room, a long horizontal mirror will accentuate the width while a tall vertical shape will create a sense of height. A small mirror on a big wall can look lost – but might look fabulous as an arty piece in a bathroom. And remember, if you’re looking to create space, a frameless mirror or a simple frame might be your best bet. But if you’re working to a theme – such as Asian-inspired or French Provincial – selecting a frame to suit that theme can be the finishing touch your room requires.

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