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Just like your front garden and fence, your letterbox is one of the first things your visitors will see when they arrive at your home, make sure yours suits your home and garden style. Find your perfect letterbox for sale on House of home.


There is a range of materials that letterboxes can be made from, be that colourbond, mild, or stainless steel, formed concrete or hardwood. Make sure that you letterbox is water proof and is able to stand the test of time against your climate.

Features and Functionality

The idea of a letter box seems pretty straight forward, but there are actually a range of options available. It is important to first make a list of what features and functions you want your letterbox to have. A few important features to consider are:

Lockable – do you live in the city and require your letter box to be locked, or do you live down a country lane where it is less important?

Installation – do you want your letter box to incorporate itself into your existing fence, or would you prefer a standalone letter box that doesn’t require any installation?

Space – do you get your newspaper delivered daily or do you only ever receive letters in the mail? If you get your newspaper delivered you may need to consider getting a newspaper hole or if you only receive letters perhaps a single slit is sufficient space for you.

House number – is your house number clearly displayed on your front gate or do you perhaps need to buy additional numbers to put on your letter box? Check out our range of house numbers.


With the increase in online shopping we’re all doing, it’s important to consider parcel delivery when buying a new letterbox. Try to keep in mind the size of parcels you might be receiving and how your post person might be able to deliver them. When thinking about parcel delivery it’s also important to consider security, it can be tricky to find a balance between ease of delivery and adequate security, but if online shopping is your thing it’s a vital review point.

Don’t forget to consider how easily accessible your letterbox is to your post person. Make sure your letterbox is in an obvious position, and allows for quick and easy delivery.

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