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Hallway Table


How the Right Hall Table can transform the look of your entrance

The entrance hall of your home is a space that’s absolutely begging to be decorated, and the right hall display tables can completely change the way your guests feel when they walk into your home. Imagine the difference you can make — instead of a sparsely decorated entranceway, a hall table gives a focal point to your entrance.

Buying entrance hall tables can be quite exciting, especially when you realise there are so many different types of console tables for sale. Each one has its own special ambiance, which enables you to find the perfect fit for your space. Plus, with so many hall tables for sale from which to choose, you can easily discover entrance hall tables that work with your budget.

Choose Your Hall Display Table Style

What style are you looking for when it comes to your hall display table? There are many to choose from, such as provincial, traditional, contemporary, Asian, European, coastal, replica and more. If you’re unfamiliar with a style, you can easily get a sense of what it means by looking at the hall display tables under that category. When you find the style or styles you desire, you can filter your results to only include those models.

Pick the Hall Table Material That Works Best in Your Home

As with any furniture pieces, hall display tables are constructed from a wide range of materials. Depending on the use and style you want, one material may be better than another. For instance, if your home has a relatively industrial or modern feel, glass and metal entrance hall tables are great choices. On the other hand, if you’re someone who gravitates toward vintage or traditional pieces, you may want to choose wood or marble hall tables. And don’t forget, some of the console tables for sale you’ll find at HouseofHome feature numerous materials that are joined in a complementary way.

The Shape of Your Entrance Hall Table Matters

Shapes definitely play a part when considering the entrance hall table you want for your space. A smaller space may require a table that can fit flat against the wall, such as a square or rectangular table. If your entrance hall is rather spacious, a circular or oval display table may be more appropriate to take up a larger space. It almost goes without saying that you’ll need to measure your entranceway to ensure the hall display table you purchase isn’t too large or too small.

What Colour Hall Table Works Best for You?

You’ll always want to consider colours when looking over our hall tables for sale. Though some colours depend on the material, such as brown woods or off-white marble, other colours may have been added through stains, paints and embellishments. Think about the way you’re going to use your hall table when you determine which colour you want. A neutral background may be better for displaying collectibles, whereas an interesting, textured entrance display table may work best if it’s simply going to hold a flower vase or remain uncovered by adornments.

Looking for other ways to enhance your hallways? Here are some tips!

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