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Brighten up your home with colourful cushions

Cushions provide a quick and easy way to add life to any tired looking spaces and House of Home can connect you to stockists across Australia with a wide range of cushions for sale, available to purchase online.

Cushions can add an appealing element to couches, window seats, beds and reading nooks, and the colour can tie in all other decorative elements in a room – from furniture and wall colour to flowers and artwork.

How to choose the perfect cushion for your space

The first thing you should do when choosing cushions is to get rid of any that came with your couch or bed set. These often match the fabric or material already being used and so tend to blend in rather than stand out.

Select a colour palette for your cushions

The trick when choosing a colour palette for cushions is to not choose what will exactly match the current tones in a room, but to look for tones that will complement them.

Cushions don’t have to match each other either – it often looks much more interesting to have contrasting colours, patterns and textures to liven up any space.

Select up to three colours you think will work well in your space based on existing décor and the mood you wish to create. The more neutral tones already in place, the more you can play around with the colour palette.

Choose a cushion size and shape

The size and shape of your ideal cushion will vary depending on it’s use. For example, couches tend to call for a slightly bigger size cushion than what would be used as a throw pillow on a bed. In saying that, mixing and matching sizes and shapes tends to work better than having the same size and shape cushions.

Styling with cushions

Once you’ve chosen your combination of cushions, try not to set them out too matchy-matchy. Play around with different settings and placements to see what works for the space.

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