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How to Sell your Sofa, Couch or Lounge

January 30, 2020

When you’re selling a couch, remember how hard it was for you to find the perfect couch. It’s a piece of furniture that you will use every day and it’s important to help your buyer to find the perfect sofa.

Condition of the Lounge Suite

Be as accurate as possible when describing the condition of the sofa. Pay particular attention to the state of the upholstery. If you have had the couch reupholstered let the potential buyer know when (and even where you had the work done- upholsterers have serious reputations!). Describe the material as accurately as possible. Make sure you have photos to support this. If there is any damage- for example cat scratches or sun fading- describe this and document it with a photo. It won’t necessarily put buyers off, they may be considering re-upholstering, or have a really great throw they are planning to use!

Photos of the Sofa

While the state of the upholstery may not be important to all buyers, everyone wants to know about the frame. Be as specific as possible, and again, use photos. It’s worthwhile taking a photo of the bottom of the couch. Go into as much detail as you can about the materials used in the frame, and remember to discuss the joinery. This will give the buyer valuable insight into how long they can expect their new furniture purchase to last.

When you’re taking photos, it’s helpful to include one of the sofa in the lounge room, with the appropriate lighting. Make sure it can be clearly seen, but also let the buyer imagine the sofa in their home, fitting in with their chairs, coffee tables, entertainment units or bookshelves.

What room was the Couch used in

Let people know whether the sofa has recently been in use or has been in storage or largely unused. A buyer may consider an older sofa that hasn’t seen much use over a newer but well loved lounge.

And lastly, remember that people may be attempting to come and collect the couch without any professional assistance, so make sure you let them know if the couch is especially heavy! People will expect a sofa to be able to be easily lifted by two people.

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