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How to sell a Dining, Kitchen or Coffee Table

January 30, 2020

Selling a table doesn’t have to be a difficult process! Let us help you to design an ad that will make selling your table straightforward.

Measurements of the Table

Two factors that will really help you to find the right buyer are measurements and photos. Before anything else, buyers need to know that their new table will both fit through their doorway and be the right size for their kitchen, dining room, lounge room or bedroom, and as with all online selling, great photos mean more buyer interest.

Condition of the Table

If you’re selling a dining or kitchen table, condition is very important. Use the photos to highlight any imperfections or damage as well as showing off the features. Being upfront about any issues helps the buyers to establish whether this is a table they’re interested in look at and saves time in the long run. When you’re describing the condition of the table, make sure you’re able to talk about the joinery- are the legs joined with dowels, screws or glued?

Features of the Table

If you’re selling a coffee table, pay special attention to any features that might be a selling point. For example, coffee tables are a lot more valuable if they’re either Danish or Fler. Have a good look at your table and do your research. If you can accurately describe it as being similar to these styles, the value to buyers will increase.

Let your buyers know how the table was used when you owned it- was it a kitchen table, dining table or even an outdoor table? This will not only help to inform them about the condition they can expect to find it in, but it will also help them to picture the table in their home. If the table is a coffee table, make sure to picture the table both with table ornaments, coffee-table books and vases as well as without. Show the table fitting into a decor theme or style, and the buyer will have a much easier time picturing the finished result in their home.

Also, if it’s appropriate, let the buyers know why you’re selling the table. Maybe you’re moving, maybe your household is expanding, maybe you’re just upgrading. Negative reasons might not help to make the sale so much, so use a little discretion!

Selling a coffee table, kitchen table or dining table? Increase the chances of a successful sale with our community of buyers. At House of Home we’ve got great tips on selling your secondhand tables.

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