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How to Buy a Chair | Buyer's Guide | House of Home
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How to buy a Chair

January 30, 2020

Your house will be home to many different kinds of chairs. When you buy chairs, you need to know that they suit their purpose and will be a good purchase.

Your table and dining chairs are a high traffic area of the house. These chairs will most likely be used many times every day. Make sure they’re durable and comfortable. Look for classic designs and high wearing materials for dining chairs. You will want to consider chair covers here, which can help to preserve your furniture investment. If covers don’t suit your chairs, look at seat cushions, which can match your curtains or sofa cushions.

You may be able to buy a table and chairs set- if you’re buying vintage or second-hand make sure you check the condition of each chair and there are no wobbly legs. Vintage chairs may also be ripe for re-upholstering, don’t let worn fabric put you off from buying a fantastic frame.

Chairs for the kitchen table can be a bit more casual. Look at brightly coloured or unusual chairs for the kitchen to inject a sense of fun and relax the space. You might even consider plastic or Perspex chairs – really mix it up!

Accent chairs should be fun to purchase. These are the chairs that might consume more of your budget and may be used less frequently, but may also prove to be a good investment! Use these chairs to add a spot of colour and personality to a living room. You can also consider placing an accent chair in a bedroom corner, or even re-purposing an accent chair into a bedside table for your guest bedroom.

Finding the right chair for your different rooms will be an important part of your design scheme. Don’t be afraid to try different chair styles out in your different rooms- they’re easy to move around!

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