Tips for Beautifying the Bedroom

April 08, 2016
Tips for Beautifying the Bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the home and the way it's dressed will greatly impact the style and look and feel of it. The design should reflect one’s personality, add character and effectively maximise the use of space.

Daedaleous Throw Otto and Spike

It’s important to incorporate shape, pattern, colour and texture to create visual interest and a sense of comfort. These elements can be introduced through a selection of the following:

  • Fine bed linen
  • Silky tactile or richly textured accent pillows
  • Cuddly throw blankets
  • A uniquely designed head board
  • A soft area bound rug
  • Eye-catching decorative objects

Introducing the above elements is a great way to add variation and create a sense of comfort and warmth!

Nothing beats freshly laundered linen, team that with gorgeous textured accent cushions, a cuddly, cosy throw and an area bound rug to create the ultimate soft soft place to land.

Beautiful Bed Linen

Cuddly Throws

Mizzle Throw Otto   Spike

Cosy Cushions

Soft Underfoot Rugs

Starburst Throw Otto and Spike

To make the bedroom sparkle and shine, place decorative objects in materials such as metallic, crystal or glass on the night stand or dresser.

Decorative Accents


Engaging the senses is as equally important as creating visual appeal. The best way to breathe new life into a space is through the introduction of plants or fresh cut flowers, while scented candles or an oil diffuser will create a beautiful fresh aroma.

Scented Candles

Bedroom Lighting

Creating mood lighting in the bedroom is a must. - Floating bed side tables teamed with ceiling mounted pendant lights suspended above, create a unique, beautiful and seamless look.

Mood Lighting

Concealed T.V

To create an environment that is conducive to rest and relaxation, all entertainment equipment should be kept away from sight lines as much as possible. Televisions can be concealed within a built-in recessed unit and covered with a sliding painting on runners. For music, small portable wireless speakers (that are compatible with a smart phone) are a good option as they can be put way when not in use.

Televisions & Mounts

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