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How to Choose the Right Rug for your Home

May 16, 2016
How to Choose the Right Rug for your Home

Considered the ultimate style tool - incorporating a rug or mat into the home is an easy and instant way to add a pop of colour or bring comfort and warmth to a room.

A cozy rug will help not only help to take the cold edge off a room, it also make a big difference to acoustics in the home by helping to absorb noise and echo in rooms. This is a big advantage for rooms where T.V watching is a priority.

A rug also plays an essential part in helping to define a space and achieving an overall finished look in the home, especially if you have a large space. A rug acts as a link to anchor other elements of furniture and complete the look.

The right rug will make big statement and can act as an artwork for the floor. Whether it be with a patterned design, a beautiful textural wool blend, or a layering of both, rugs provide extra warmth and textural qualities which add interest and softness to a space.

Before purchasing a new rug be sure to read through the points below which will help you to find the perfect rug for your home.


Rug Sizes

Like shapes, rugs and mats come in all manner of sizes from doormat size to pretty much covering most of a room. Generally it is best to opt for a larger sized rug which can easily accommodate a sofa and arm chairs. These items should all be able to sit adequately on top of the rug or just overlap slightly.

An incorrectly sized rug or mat can be disappointing. For instance – a round mat that is purchased to sit underneath a round coffee table, but turns out to be of a smaller circumference than the table, can be a very awkward look.

Be sure to consider the scale and proportion of the space and select a rug accordingly. Measure the space in which you want to place your rug before you go ahead and make the purchase.


Rug Shapes

Rugs and mats can be found in all sorts of shapes – from circular to oblong, from rectangular to square. Mixing and matching shapes – for instance using a round mat underneath a square table – can give your room an unexpected twist. Overlaying a hide rug over a rectangular shaped rug will add texture and interest.

We are seeing an increase in the popularity of circular shaped rugs in a living room setting. A round rug can look lovely as it helps to soften the overall look of a space. As it is a contrasting shape to the rectangular form of a sofa it creates balance that allows the eye to rest.

The easiest format to work with is a rectangular shape. A rectangle helps to define an area and allows furniture be anchored from it.


Rug Textures

When shopping for a rug look at the texture of rugs and mats. Texture provides visual interest and a sense of depth without being too bold.

Woollen rugs are always a great favourite as wool is such a resilient, warm natural fibre that is easy to clean. Cow hair-on-hide rugs are another great option that provide a sleek, exotic feel.


Patterned Rugs

Patterns have great visual impact and have a big role to play in making a mat or rug pop. Alternatively, patterns can be subtle and blend in seamlessly with the rest of the interior décor.

Patterned rugs have become an increasingly popular trend, with choices ranging from big, bold designs to intricate graphics that literally make some mats and rugs a work of art.


Colourful Rugs

Colour can greatly impact our mood and the way we feel. Choosing a rug with colour is an easy and temporary way to introduce colour and brighten up a space where needed.

When deciding on a colour for a rug, consider the overarching colour palette within the space. Ensure that you select a rug that will work back well with these colours and tie the other elements together.

Alternatively, select on that can act as a highlight to become a feature within the room. For example, a vibrant rug in a predominantly neutral space will create a striking focal point in the same way an artwork would.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure to check out our range of rugs below and have fun shopping for the right rug or mat for your home space!

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