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How To Choose The Right Cushions For Your Lounge Room

January 30, 2014
How To Choose The Right Cushions For Your Lounge Room

How do you choose the right cushion for your lounge room? One thing is for sure, it is very easy to slip into that world of cushion excess and before you know it, there’s (at least) a cushion on every piece of furniture, in every room! Here are some ideas to keep your cushion choosing on track!

The Seat-to-Cushion Ratio There is no hard-and-fast rule to the total number of cushions you can use on furniture. However, it is generally safe to assume that a three-seater couch can handle up to six throw cushions, whilst a two-seater is usually good with about four throw cushions. That said there is an equally strong regard for cushions in odd numbers – so in the case of a two-seater couch, opting for three cushions instead of four so as to avoid that perfectly balanced look.

Outdoor Cushions and Throws

The Couch’s Cushions So you’ve just purchased a brand new couch and it comes complete with matching cushions? Get rid of them! There really is nothing worse than cushions in the same fabric and same pattern as the couch on which they sit. No, no, no is our strong advice for this.

Mix and Match Have fun with your cushion buying! If your overall room décor is quite neutral, then the more diversity in textures, patterns, prints, colours and fabrics picked up in your cushions, the more they will pop and become stand-out features. If however, you don’t want to draw too much attention to your lounge, or you’d prefer an overall neutral theme, then it makes sense to look for cushions with less impact – going for simple designs in pleasant shades and fabrics is a safe bet. There are some truly exciting cushion designs out and about now – from bold graphics to artwork replica prints to photographic imagery to delicate old-school prints, there truly is no end to creative options to get the best look for your lounge room. One word of advice – if you really do go all out and get a wonderfully rich combination of cushions, just aim to have at least one or two common traits linking them all (for example, a united colour) so that it’s not too over-the-top!

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