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Beautiful Bedroom Ideas | Create a Dream Worthy Bedroom
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Beautiful Bedroom Ideas

June 04, 2020

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the home and the way it’s dressed will greatly impact the style and look and feel of it.

The design should reflect one’s personality, add character and effectively maximise the use of space. It’s important to incorporate shape, pattern, colour and texture to create visual interest and a sense of comfort. These elements can be introduced through a selection of the following:

  • Fine bed linen
  • Silky tactile or richly textured accent pillows
  • Cuddly throw blankets
  • A uniquely designed head board
  • A soft area bound rug
  • Eye-catching decorative objects

Introducing the above elements is a great way to add variation and create a sense of comfort and warmth. Team beautiful with gorgeous textured accent cushions, a cuddly, cosy throw and an area bound rug to create the ultimate soft soft place to land.

Beautiful Bed Linen

Nothing beats freshly laundered linen, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a duvet set. A striking duvet or coverlet can act as a great focal point for the bedroom and is a nice way to introduce colour or pattern. If you prefer more subtle looking bedding, natural linen is a perfect option and can be teamed with a cosy throw and feature scatter cushions to add interest.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of bed linen. Visit our Buying Guide for Sheets & Bedding Online.

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Cuddly Throws

Snuggle up and listen to the sounds of the rain with soft, tactile throw blanket. Throws are an important layer that bring a sense of warmth and softness to a bed and can be casually draped at the foot of the bed.

Explore Throws.

Cosy Cushions

Cushions are perfect for adding colour and texture or pattern to a bedroom and help to set the tone of a bedroom. Cushions come in rectangular, square, and round options. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

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Soft Underfoot Rugs

The ultimate soft place to land! A must for bedrooms with timber floors but will still look great with carpeted bedrooms to help break things up and create visual interest. A rug helps to define a space and links all the other items of furniture in the room.

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Mood Lighting

Creating mood lighting in the bedroom is a must. A bedside table lamp can make a beautiful sculptural statement and add warmth to a bedroom. Alternatively a floating bed side tables teamed with ceiling mounted pendant lights suspended above, create a unique, beautiful and seamless look.

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Dressers & Tall Boys

An essential for any bedroom. A dresser or a tall boy not only make great places to store clothing, jewellery and knick knacks, but are also make the perfect place to position a beautiful mirror above. Mirrors help to create a sense of space and provide a place to check hair and make up.

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Decorative Accents

To make the bedroom sparkle and shine, place decorative objects in materials such as metallic, crystal or glass on the night stand or dresser.

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Scented Candles

Engaging the senses is as equally important as creating visual appeal. The best way to breathe new life into a space is through the introduction of plants or fresh cut flowers, while scented candles or an oil diffuser will create a beautiful fresh aroma.

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We hope you found this article helpful. For more bedroom inspiration see our article with Tips for Creating Clutter-Free Bedrooms

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