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6 Bathroom Renovation & Design Mistakes to Avoid
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The 6 Biggest Bathroom Mistakes

November 01, 2020
The 6 Biggest Bathroom Mistakes

When renovating your bathroom, the last thing you imagine and picture is for anything to go wrong. And, provided you’ve put time and effort into planning the renovation then hopefully nothing does go wrong. However, sometimes even best made plans can go awry and as such – we’ve captured several items to be aware of when it comes to planning your bathroom renovation.

1. Under-Planning Your Bathroom Layout

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common problems people can face when renovating their bathroom. Where people can come unstuck is purchasing bathroom items that don’t fit the scale of their space for example, the vanity is too long or too deep. Also, the overall layout and flow of the bathroom not being conducive to good ergonomics for example, if having a double basin vanity means your toilet area becomes cramped then, it’s probably best to reconsider this option.

“When selecting your basin mixer, pay attention to the height and proportions of the mixer tap. Don’t forget about the vanity area and think about how the mixer relates with your mirror and basin. If paired with a high above-counter basin, make sure there is comfortable space to wash your hands underneath the outlet. If you’re going to install a mirror cabinet above the vanity, make sure it is installed high enough above the mixer so that the mirror doors can open. Simple and logical, but unfortunately I have heard of these issues occurring.” – Rosalind Caligari, Phoenix Tapware

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2. Not Lighting Your Bathroom Adequately

It’s all about achieving balance when it comes to lighting your bathroom. The last thing you want to do on a cold and raining morning is have a shower in a bathroom that feels stark, sterile and unwelcoming. Lighting can obviously play a huge role in avoiding this.

There are four main lighting types to keep in mind:

Task Lighting

This is required over the bathroom vanity and preferably around the mirror area. Think down lights and wall lights that allow for optimum lighting whilst performing daily tasks like applying makeup and shaving. There are products on the market that incorporate both the mirror and lighting and these are a terrific solution.

Ambient Lighting

This is all about lighting the space as a whole, creating that ambiance that best suits you and your style of bathroom.

Accent Lighting

Can be used to create a focal point and interest within your bathroom space. For example, LED strip lighting under a wall hung vanity, a down light in a wall cavity display or even a beautiful chandelier hanging over a freestanding bath. You’re only limited by your imagination with this application.

Natural Lighting

Is of most consideration when it’s limited or non-existent. Thoughtful planning will need to be taken when preparing your task and ambient lighting plan if this is the case for you. Don’t forget to consider skylights if your home’s structure allows.

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3.Choosing The Wrong Bathroom Tiles

The number one blunder when selecting tiles for a bathroom renovation is purchasing tiles that have no grip and when wet, are incredibly slippery and dangerous. As we found out after speaking with Urban Edge Ceramics, there actually isn’t a grading system in Australia that indicates the level of a tile’s slipperiness. However, there is an international system that most Australian tile retailers are familiar with and use as a guide. This is referred to as the resistance indicator and a tile that has an R10 grade is considered preferable for wet area application.

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4. Neglecting Bathroom Ventilation

Without proper ventilation, in a short period of time condensation from hot showers can build up and cause paint to deteriorate and mould to form on tile grout and bathroom surfaces. This is not only unsightly but unhygienic for users. Be sure to factor in an efficient exhaust fan and furthermore, frequently clean the exhaust fan vents so it’s always working at its optimum.

5. Making Your Bathroom Tricky To Clean

A drain serves two purposes, not only the obvious to drain the water but, to act to trap unwanted matter such as hair to ensure the bathrooms drainage pipes are kept clear. As peculiar as it is, a great deal of people position their drain in the centre of the base of their shower. When you think about this, it’s not ideal as you’ll actually be standing over the drain when showering and in turn block it. Therefore, ideally consider your drain to not be positioned directly under the spray of your shower head.

Phoenix Tapware

“How a shower area can be cleaned is sometimes overlooked when ceiling or wall arm showers are installed. Consider including a hand shower too as the hose makes cleaning vertical surfaces like tiles and shower screen so much easier.” – Rosalind Caligari, Phoenix Tapware

6. Not Enough Bathroom Storage or Vanity Benchtop Space

There is nothing more frustrating than having a gorgeous newly renovated bathroom only to find out that there is limited room for your toiletries, towels and to do your daily tasks. If space is a constraint, a simple solution for more bench space is to purchase a bathroom vanity unit that has a basin off-set to one side to allow for more room rather than one that is centred and just minimal space either side. Mirror cabinets, rather than just wall mirrors, are wonderful as they allow for extra storage and, a clean uncluttered look. Furthermore, power points that are concealed within a vanity allow you to store everyday items like hairdryers, electric razors and electric toothbrush units inconspicuously and can create more bench space.

We hope you found this article helpful and that it prevents any unfortunate mistakes happening for to you when you’re renovating your bathroom. If you’re currently renovating your bathroom be sure to check out our Bathroom Range

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