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Phoenix Tapware Launches The Teel Collection - A New Classic in Bathroom Design
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A New Classic: Phoenix Tapware Launches Teel 

March 01, 2020
A New Classic: Phoenix Tapware Launches Teel

Tapware design for the ages

When I think of Teel, two words come to mind – fine and slender. I wanted to convey sophistication and draw on my manufacturing knowledge to create seamless, highly finished tapware designs which are pleasing to the eye.” Phoenix’s Senior Designer, Ban Liu

With a perfect blend of simplicity and design details, the new tapware collection from Phoenix, Teel, explores minimalism from a different perspective – organic form.

Simplicity Meets Organic Beauty

I started to blend an oval into a circle which resulted in the basis of Teel’s unique, dynamic form.

Whilst when we think of minimalist style, we think of either sharp surfaces or amorphous shapes, Teel is reminiscent of simpler, more homely silhouettes. Simple, everyday objects imbued with effective design.

Teel originated through the exploration of how two shapes organically flow together” said Phoenix’s Senior Designer, Ban Liu

These forms are neither florid and discerning, nor blend-into-the-background and meek. They go hand in hand with a rising trend in interior design to make form interesting in its own right, but not stealing attention away from the overall picture.

4 Elegant Colourways

The four finishes-du-jour of bathroom fittings were chosen for the Teel range – chrome, matte black, gun metal and brushed nickel. Sober, classic, neutral, and above all, textural colours.

Chrome to go with a classic white colour palette, matte black for a minimalist, scandi-style bathroom, gun metal for concrete or stone-based palettes, and brushed nickel for warm wood-based colour palettes or rustic styles.

Colours are only half the story when it comes to Teel’s finishes. How the light plays with the mixers’ surface adds a touch of sophistication. From highly reflective chrome, fine line detailing on brushed nickel, smooth gun metal and matte finish on black, Teel’s finishes provide an elegant textural feature for a 2019 colour palette. These allow the eye to perfectly follow the morphing lines in the spouts handles and mixers.

Seamless Integration Into Today’s Bathroom

Every element has been considered to keep the profile slender and in proportion – body, internal cartridge, aerator, outlet height and width, back plate shape and handle design.

Whether your environment is compact or spacious, Teel stays true to its organic roots by fitting into the space it’s in. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchen and laundry spaces, the range has various mixer products to help you create perfect continuity throughout your home.

Teel is a Phoenix Tapware collection and is available from reputable bathware suppliers across Australia and New Zealand. All finishes are in stock and available, contact Phoenix for more details.

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Written by Elizabeth den Dulk.