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The Interior Design Trends You Need To Know For SS18/19
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Summer Interior Design Trends 2019

October 26, 2020
Summer Interior Design Trends 2019

As summer fast approaches, we pack away the heavy doonas and heaters, we dare a few outings in shorts and we start to rethink our summer decor. Summer is a great time to switch up your interiors, you’ve often got a bit of time off after christmas, and the warm weather and new year invites change and reinvention. We’ve dug through the spring summer collections for 2018/19, trawled the depths of pinterest and combed our favourite products to bring you the best interior design trends for summer 2019. Whether you’re into sombre neutrals, coastal breeziness or like something bright and colourful, we’ve assembled the hottest ideas to take you through, and the products you need to recreate them.

Coastal Boho Gets Serious


If you’ve been following our blog you’ll know we love a good reinvention. The tackier the old trend, and the more sophisticated its reinvented version, the better. It doesn’t get much better than this twist on coastal boho. Put away the pukka shells, and shelve the sand-filled hourglasses- beach chic has grown up. One of the key trends of this summer is a fantastical mashup of coastal, safari, neo noir and desert styles. In place of conch shells are animal skulls, in place of the photos of baby footprints in the sand are black and white travel photography prints, featuring shamans, gurus and all sorts of dark arts. Bleached white linen takes a bow in favour of un-dyed organic cotton. There are some salvageable elements from the mid-naughties however – save the recycled timber, drift wood and macramé. Except this time the floors are darker, the feature walls navy not yellow, and the vibe? Much more grown up.

Color Palette:

Cream, browns, black, white & charcoal.


Rattan, reed, organic cotton, wool, wood, bone and black marble.

Key Pieces:

Sustainable reed basket, woolen rug, animal skull, travel print, recycled timber furniture.

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1960s Tropical Glamour


Redolent of the heady & humid days of British Hong Kong, palatial Singaporean hotels and 1960s African embassies, this trend is luxurious and laid back at the same time. For many it will bring back fond memories of parents’ or grand parents’ homes, or perhaps a childhood spent outside of Australia. Think mid-century modernism fused with expatriate opulence and a heavy dash of tropicana. Rich colors, ornate fittings and large open rooms. However instead of the European motifs and patterns, banana leaf replaces the fleur-de-lys and bamboo replaces the renaissance carvings. Inject a splash of tropical glamour in the form of a golden mirror and velvet cushion, or go all out with banana-leaf wall paper and replete bar cart. After all, you’ll need somewhere for your Singapore slings!

Color palette:

Tropical green, guava, gold, dark brown, white, mustard and azur


Banana leaf, bamboo, velvet, rattan, colored glass and bent wood.

Key pieces:

Lacquered sideboard, tropical wall paper, gold mirror, bar cart, ceiling fan.

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The Clash


This trend is the antithesis of everything Scandi and minimalist – everything in one room, but make it chic. A boon for those of us on a budget, this trend is perfect for bringing together eclectic collections, heirlooms, treasures and recent finds. The key to avoiding a dogs breakfast is to ensure each piece and element stands on it’s own. Place complementary colors side by side, and keep the motto ‘contrast is key’ to heart. Fur on concrete, metal next to wood, red next to pink etc. Gather your favourite prints onto a gallery wall. Try incorporating your children’s drawings, old maps and souvenirs and family photographs amongst abstract art and photographic prints. Put antique chairs side by side, and rather than go for a cheap quality set, enjoy finding complementary pieces which will last in quality and in value. Your base colors are neutrals, whites, greys and wooden elements. Then add color. And as Coco Chanel says, before you leave the house, take off an accessory. When you’ve finished decorating, take a step back and remove one or two things for the perfect OTT recipe.

Color palette:




Key pieces:

Wall of framed prints, mismatched artisanal chairs, loud rug, vintage decorations and statement light fittings.

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From Dusk till Dawn


Who said summer needs to be all whites and azurs? Turn up the heat on your summer interior decorating by incorporating fiery ochre, Bordeaux red, mustard yellow and blush pink. Make it fun by adding neon lighting and shag rugs, or make it more adult by focusing on dusty colors and natural fibres. Either way, this Color palette is hard to resist, and we’re loving the injection of heat it gives to our summer living spaces.

Summer 19 is all about earthy textures and rich colours. We have brought this into this season’s collection with tactile handloomed cushions, suede, organic textured vases, and warm ochre and blush tones.

Polly Rowan, L&M Home


Dusty pink, ochre, mustard, cream, neon


Velvet, neon, shag, washed cotton

Key pieces:

velvet pin cushion, shag rug, neon sign, washed cotton linen, plant, print

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Interior Design For Your Backyard


For a long time it was a painful decision whether to opt for practicality or prettiness in terms of decorating our outdoor spaces. We can all now let out a collective sigh of release as this is no longer the case. Summer is a messy season, filled with sand, water, entertaining related messes, dirty children, loud parties and just about every type of spill, break, crash, movement and accident possible. This has often meant going for ugly, practical items, because unless you have acres of space and a team of help to manage everything, it’s impossible to keep everything clean and unbroken otherwise. This summer, it ain’t so. We finally have at our fingertips a range of pieces that are as gorgeous as they are practical. Innovations in material technology as well as a flood of new, switched on designers has meant we can have our cake and eat it too.

The trend for people to look for relaxation and comfort in their everyday lives has been an important factor in our decision to design products that are both practical and pretty. Casual entertaining at home is fun with our outdoor cushions, which are sturdy, water resistant and add a vibrant colour splash to your outdoor space. And we have added a range of tableware that coordinates with our outdoor cushions so our customers can create a cohesive space without effort.

Anne Cook, Sanctuary Studios

Putting as much effort into your outdoor spaces as your indoor ones helps create a seamless transition from interior to exterior, and means you’ll be more likely to utilise that deck you’ve just payed a fortune to install.

Australian summer is all about the outdoors, and we are seeing a trend towards outdoor spaces or alfresco areas being designed as an extension of our home in order to make the most of the warmer days… and nights. No better way to entertain than with the sparkle of landscape lighting. Hidden lights in the greenery are the perfect way to offer that moonlit sparkle to these areas and offer the ambience required for a champagne under the stars of a warm night.

Claire Wilson, Lighting Lighting Lighting

Key Pieces: Outdoor cushions, outdoor rugs, pretty servingware, subtle garden lighting, comfortable sofa

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We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of summer products, then be sure to check out our marketplace.

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