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Small Bathroom Design Tips | Inspiration and Ideas for Small Bathrooms
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Small Bathroom Ideas

February 02, 2020
Small Bathroom Ideas

More and more homemakers are looking to create a sense of space in their bathrooms. Here are 8 clever hacks to make that happen even if your bathroom is small.

If you’re tired of feeling cramped in your bathroom, the great news is, there is a solution! In fact, there are several, and thanks to Frank Iaria from Mint Kitchen Group and Russell Henderson of smarterBATHROOMS + , both bathroom design experts, we’ve got their top 8 hacks for creating space in any small bathroom to share with you.

Here they are – eight clever design ideas to maximise space & create a stylish and functional bathroom in a small footprint:

Image Credit: Inside Out

1. Large Format Tiles

Including large format tiles on the floor and walls means that the room is in a continuous colour and finish. This actually gives the illusion of space with fewer grout lines to break up the room. Look for fully rectified tiles (tiles treated to be exactly the same size) that offer a seamless look.

2. Sliding Entry Doors

If you have the opportunity as a part of your bathroom reno to swap from a hinged door to a sliding door, you will be amazed at the additional usable floor space this one simple change creates. If you can get a pocket door fitted, these are even better as you won’t lose any wall space, and the door will simply disappear into the wall cavity when open. Pocket sliding doors are particularly useful in ensuites.

Osca Recessed Mirror Cabinet

3. Recessed Mirror Cabinets

Rather than surface mounting a shaving or medicine cabinet, consider a recessed mirror cabinet it so that it sits flush with the wall. A recessed mirror cabinet is one that is sunken into the wall, so as to maximise the floor space of the room.

It needs to be planned into the renovation right from the beginning, but recessing the toilet cisterns and creating recessed shelving in the shower are both awesome ways to open up a floor space, give a room the illusion of space, and just as importantly, create functional spaces that work.

4. Thin Profile Bench Tops

Thinner profile bench tops are popping up all over kitchens and bathrooms. As they are not so top heavy, they not only look sleek but allow for that little extra bit of cupboard space below.


Image Credit: Zuster

5. Custom Cabinetry

Cabinetry is a crucial part of any bathroom design, but in a small bathroom, it’s critical. You need to balance the need for storage and the impact on both the sightlines and the floor space. Two tips that can help are getting a vanity that has a reduced depth or choosing an inset basin or thinner profile basin to avoid sacrificing bench space.

Image Credit: Design Homes RU

6. Shallow Depth Toilets

The best choice of toilet for a small bathroom is to find one that has a shallow depth and can be teamed with a recessed cistern. That way the amount of floor space being taken up is minimised. In-wall cisterns have grown in popularity over the past few years, and there are now a lot of different wall plate designs available so you should be able to find something that suits your new bathroom design.

7. Storage

In a small bathroom, it’s important to have a place for everything. Choosing bathroom fittings and accessories such as hooks, rods and rails can provide the extra bit of storage needed for hand towels, towels, robes etc. Just make sure you choose items that are the right size & scale so that they don’t look visually out of place & won’t take up a lot of space. We are loving ladders and they are a great option for hanging towels and clothes.

Here are some of our favourites:

8. Walk-in-Showers

In small bathrooms both Russell & Frank agree that a Walk-in-shower should take preference over a bathtub. People who just can’t live without a bathtub and do a have a little extra space, should look at a back to wall bath instead of a freestanding bath.

Add some recessed shelving to your walk-in-shower and you are ticking all the good small bathroom design boxes.


The image above is from a project smarter BATHROOMS + completed in Yarraville and it is a great example of how clever and well executed design can transform a compact space – recessed cabinetry, recessed shelving, combined with a walk in shower creates a functional, stylish bathroom within a small footprint.

So there you have it – eight great ideas from two experts to help transform your small bathroom into something that works really well. Working with a bathroom designer and taking time to choose fittings that suit your space constraints will be well worth it. Good luck.

A big thank you again to Frank Iaria of Mint Kitchen Group Russell Henderson, Senior Designer at smarterBATHROOMS+ a for sharing their expertise around Small Bathroom Ideas.

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