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Transform Any Space With Wool Rugs for Sale

It doesn’t matter if you have hard wood floors or carpeting. A wool rug can completely transform your living space, and they come in a wide variety of options to suit many different styles. From tribal rugs for sale to more contemporary designs, you can always find the perfect fit for your home. You just have to take into consideration the right wool rug for your needs.

Choosing the Ideal Colour

Some wool rugs are solid in colour — or almost solid — and have very little in terms of design or variation. However, other wool rugs are multi-hued. What you’ll want to do is think about how the wool rug will look in your space. Will it clash with any other designs you already have in your room or surrounding hallways? Or will it complement the colours you’re currently using? If you’re totally redesigning a room, such as a living room or bedroom, you may even want to consider using the wool rug you purchase as a springboard for a new look!

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Picking the Size You Need

Some wool rugs for sale are quite large, while others are compact. Your space and needs will determine which type of wool or tribal rugs for sale will fit into the area. Some people prefer to have wool rugs that are almost wall-to-wall, while others use them as accent pieces. Measure out the dimensions of the space where you’ll be placing the wool rug. This will help you as you visualise your next steps.

Round Versus Rectangular or Square Rugs

Are you deciding between rectangular or square wool rugs for sale? Or would a circular wool rug make a prettier, more attractive, accent? The trick is to look at the other furniture and decorations in the room where you’ll have the wool rug. For instance, if your wool rug will be in a room where there are a lot of rounded corners, a round rug will echo those corners. Similarly, a square rug will echo square corners and straight lines.
With this being said, some decorators suggest contrasting square or rounded lines by choosing a wool rug that is the complete opposite the space. There’s really no right or wrong way to display your wool rug. It all has to do with your personal preference.

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Caring for Your Wool Rugs

A high-quality wool rug can last for many years, but make sure you’re ready to protect your wool rug investment by caring for it properly. Wool rugs are simple to clean, but like all rugs, they should be regularly maintained. Any spills should be immediately wiped up, and always contact a professional if you need a more thorough deep-cleaning of your wool rug.

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