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Wool Carpets

Selecting wool carpet for your renovation is not difficult when it comes to shopping on House of Home.

You can browse several retailers across Australia selling wool carpets in a variety of fashionable and traditional colours and patterns.

The beauty of wool carpet is that it is it’s a natural material, highly durable, resilient, resistant to stains and easy to clean. Naturally, that’s why wool carpets make for a popular choice in high traffic areas of the home like hallways and general living spaces. Due to its natural crimp in the wool fibre, wool carpet also provides superior texture retention. Furthermore, wool carpet fibres naturally do a very good job of repelling stains. Most importantly, wool carpets offer unique comfort as the fibres combine both softness and bounce.

Wool carpet also works as a terrific insulator as it will help limit the transfer of heat or cool air in your home. Lastly, wool doesn’t melt and therefore has a natural fire resistance.

Commonly Asked Question

Q. How do I care for my wool carpet?

A. In order to keep your wool carpet not only looking great but hygienically clean, the key is to frequently vacuum. It’s best to do a whole house vacuum weekly and then spot vacuuming immediately after any loose soil is brought in from outside or something is spilt. Be sure to do a thorough vacuum – remember to go behind curtains, under any rugs or mats and move furniture. Try to avoid excessively rubbing or scrubbing your wool carpet as given its natural properties, wool carpet can pile and distort.

If you’re looking for the perfect all-rounder floor surface, wool carpet is a wonderful choice for living rooms, lounge room, hallways and bedrooms.