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Wood Heaters


Wood Fireplaces - Your Heating Solution

A wood fireplace is a great way to add warmth to any living area. House of Home can connect you to retailers across Australia stocking the most cost-efficient and modern wood fireplaces on the market.

Wood fireplaces use wood, coal and pellets to provide warmth and offer a reliable and low-maintenance solution to heating any area. You can browse wood fireplace by energy rating, price, and the size of the area you wish to heat.

There are wood fireplaces designed to warm a single room, two to three rooms, four to six rooms, an entire house/apartment and outdoor areas.

A fireplace is the focal point of any living space, and the range that House of Home stocks varies is design, size, colour and finish to ensure there is something to suit your needs to matter the style or size of your home.

Free-standing or inbuilt fireplace?

Free-standing fireplaces – these are self-contained fireplace units that come in a variety of styles including wall mounted, hearth, and fireplace stoves. These can be vented through an existing chimney if you have one, or through the roof or wall instead. Free-standing fireplaces are suitable for living spaces that do not already have an existing fireplace opening.

Inbuilt fireplaces – these are installed into an existing fireplace opening and use the existing chimney for ventilation.

Other considerations when buying a fireplace:

  • Heat output of any fireplace is an important factor – a bigger fireplace does not necessarily mean better.
  • Choose the right fireplace based on the area you want to heat to ensure it remains a cost effective heating solution.
  • It also pays to take into consideration the room size and ceiling heights of the area you want to heat.
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