Sonos Wireless Speakers


Advantages of Sonos Wireless Speakers

1. No Wires

We know, it sounds like we are stating the obvious – but seriously one of the massive advantages of Sonos speakers are that they are wireless. Lets be clear – they are powered, so there is a single cord required for every Sonos speaker, but other than that they are wireless – and that means a lot. No more running cables back to an amp, or moving whole systems around when you want music in another part of your house. Wherever you want music in your home you can have it, via your wi-fi network. Clean, neat, simple. Very Sonos.

2. Easy Access to all your music

So you’ve got some music on your i-Tunes account, and you use Spotify most days, but you’ve still got favourite CDs and maybe you’ve rediscovered vinyl too. How can you listen to all this great music in every room of your house without just turning it up? Sonos makes it easy. When you buy a Sonos wireless speaker, you download the Sonos free App. This allows you to play your music library, and any music streaming services wirelessly to any room in your house where the Sonos wireless speaker is plugged in. There is a range a connector amps to for connecting to old school components like your CD player and turntable so that you can share this music digitally over your wifi network to any of the rooms in your home with a Sonos speaker.

3. Hi Fi Quality Sound

Not all wireless speakers are created equally, when it comes to audio performance Sonos speakers have been designed for great audio first. Some companies focus on the connectivity, but Sonos understands that music is great when it sounds great and so they’ve designed and built speakers that give you hi-fi quality sound and the convenience of wireless. Plus they’ve invested in Trueplay technology – a unique system that scans the room where you your Sonos speaker is and calibrates it to give the best sound given the size and layout of your room.

Sonos speakers are available through House of Home, shipped directly to your home.