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Buying a Wine Rack? Find the Perfect One Here!

Whether you’re buying a wine rack for yourself, or you’re searching for the perfect unique wine rack to give as a gift, you’ll find the perfect one on our carefully curated marketplace. While all of the wine racks for sale through House of Home look incredible, they also are practical and serve a very important function: storing wine and allowing it to age appropriately. If wine isn’t stored the right way, it becomes unpalatable, and no wine connoisseur — or even occasional wine drinker — wants that to happen.

As you browse the wide selection of table top wine racks, wall mounted wine racks, hanging wine racks and corner wine racks, keep these tips, hints and suggestions in mind:

  • The wine rack you choose has to be able to fit the space where you expect it to go. If you’re looking for unique wine racks for sale to give a friend or relative, consider the space they have available for one.

  • Many people like to display their wines and wine racks in a common area, such as the living room or kitchen. If the room has a particular style, the wine rack should either seamlessly fit into that overall style or be in clear contrast to it, adding an element of humour or drama.

  • From a practical point of view, your wine rack should store wine bottles on their sides or tipped slightly so the cork remains wet. A dry cork will allow air to seep into the wine bottle, ruining it.

  • Wines and strong lighting do not mix. Wine that’s displayed in a well-lit area has to be protected in some manner by the wine rack. Without this protection, the taste of the wine could be permanently altered.

  • If you have valuable wine, go with a wine rack that can be secured. Many serious wine lovers wouldn’t dream of having wine racks without locks or the ability to attach a locking mechanism.

  • Freestanding wine racks are often attractive, but can be knocked over if they are put in a high-traffic area. Keep them on higher shelves or out of the reach of children and pets.

  • Investing in a wall-mounted wine rack can be a terrific way to show off many bottles of wine at once without taking up countertop space. However, it’s essential that you carefully follow all wine rack installation directions so the fit is sturdy.

Now that you know a little more about choosing a wine rack, it’s time to start browsing the wine racks for sale on our marketplace! You can narrow your choices by colour, style, material and the number of wine bottles the rack can hold at one time. A wine rack provides functional storage, as well as a new decorative piece to display your wine collection.

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