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Washing Machines


Cut out the spin with our washing machine range

House of Home is here to help when it comes to choosing the right washing machine for your home and family. Our range is meticulously selected so that the buying process is as simple as possible for you, as a heavy washing machine is difficult to transport and needs to last you a long time.

Only the best washing machine brands

Our range of washing machines include the best and most trusted brands, like Simpson, Panasonic and the sturdy Bosch machines. Whether you prefer your washing machine to be front or top loading, House of Home's range has you covered. Can't decide? Read our guide to selecting the right washing machine for you.

Cut out the spin with House of Home's range

Washing machine technology has taken huge advances in recent years, and our range includes all of those state-of-the-art innovations. Our range of washing machines cuts out the spin and presents the pick of the technology that will leave your clothes clean and crisp, and your power bill as low as possible.

Washing machines to last you years

A washing machine selected from the House of Home range will last you years, with our LG products enjoying a reputation as some of the very best on the market. Bosch is known for its German reliability, while Simpson stands for dependable, Australian quality. Compare brands and models to get the best washing machine for your best outfits.

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