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Whether your taste is modern or vintage, you’ll be inspired by the wallpaper designs you can find on House of Home. Choosing your design is the fun bit, but its helpful to understand the different types of wallpaper that are available to buy.

Different types of Wallpaper

When it comes to hanging wallpaper, if you are thinking of making it a DIY project, its good to understand the different types of wallpapers in the market and which are easier to hang.

Paste the Wall

These wallpapers are some of the easiest to hang if you are not a professional. What makes the process simpler is the type of paper and the hanging process. ‘Paste the wall’ wallpapers use a non-woven or 'fleece' backing, with one very important advantage - they don't shrink and expand, making it much easier to get neat joins between each drop of wall paper. You then apply the glue directly onto the wall, and line the paper up onto this. Interested in knowing more? Kemra wallpapers are a great Australian made brand of wallpaper, with a large offering of paste the wall papers, and great designs too.

Removable wall paper

These self adhesive papers are brilliant as a DIY project. Generally digitally printed just for your project, you have lots of freedom to choose your image or pattern, as well as getting it scaled and sized to fit your wall. The hanging process is just as straight forward, and often brands will have how to videos online, to make the process even easier. The wallpapers come with peel off backing paper, so you won't need to buy glue.

Unpasted Wallpaper

This is what most people think of when they think of wallpaper – your wallpaper comes on a roll, you paste the glue onto the wallpaper and then hang it on the wall. While this sounds straight forward, there are definitely a few tricks to getting a great result. Particular wallpaper types, like foils are particularly difficult to hang. If you are interested in making this a DIY project, there’s one really important tip - make sure you buy exactly the right type of paste for the wallpaper that you have purchased.

Pre-pasted Wallpaper

This is generally a heavier wallpaper, made of solid vinyl or vinyl coated, the paste is already applied to the back of the wallpaper, and you need to activate it by putting the wallpaper sheets through a water bath. Once again there are definitely some tricks to getting a great finish, so maybe even consider a professional!

Wall decals

Not strictly a wallpaper, but decals are a great way to cost effectively add colour and interest to a wall without having to paper over the whole thing. Wall decals are particularly popular for children’s rooms. Majority of wall decals are removable and should just peel off when you want to change the look of the room.

Wall Posters

Forget the blu tack and crumpled corners of your youth – wall posters now are digitally printed on removable wallpaper stock, so they stick directly to your wall and don’t peel off. The great thing about these wallposters is that you can generally get them printed with an image of your choice.

Wall Murals

Similar to the poster, but just much bigger, photographic murals of cityscapes, graffiti covered laneways and beach scenes are all popular. They are an incredible way to create a dramatic focal point in a room. Murals are available in either traditional wallpaper or removable wallpaper and are generally installed on a single wall.

Enjoy browsing our huge catalogue of wallpaper designs to find the perfect one to create a stunning feature in your home.

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