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Wall Mount Shower Arms


Wall mount shower arms

Is your shower head fixed to the wall at a height, which only allows you to wash your shoulders? Then it’s time to add extra height and a hint of sleek styling to your bathroom with a wall mounted shower arm. House of Home has an exquisite range of wall mounted shower arms to give your shower head the extra height it needs to make your shower functional again.

Browse by WELS rating and be sure to check your pipe connection specifications before purchasing. Head in store, or buy online with delivery to your door for extra convenience.

Wall mounted shower arms are the pipe that connects the fitting in the wall to your shower head. Shapes and sizes can vary; including S shape, straight, and adjustable. The pipe itself can be rounded for a softer or more traditional look, or squared for a bolder more contemporary look.

You’ve chosen a wall mounted shower arm, what next?

Now it’s time to choose a new shower head! There’s no point by a shiny new shower arm and keeping your tired old shower head. Browse the range of shower heads at House of Home to find the perfect option for your bathroom.

Consider the size and weight of the shower head, as you may need a different shower arm to the one you had originally planned. Ensure the style of the shower head matches the shower arm as well – a modern shower head with a traditional styled shower arm would clash, so make sure your styling is cohesive.

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