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Revitalize Your Bathroom With a Stunning Back to Wall Bath

Back to wall baths have continued to grow in popularity as homeowners move toward a contemporary bathroom look that features classic and traditional styles. Streamlined and elegant, it’s easy to see why wall facing baths are such hot commodities.

Explore the Advantages of a Wall Facing Bath

Wall facing baths present many benefits to homeowners and decorators, including:

  • They can be movable and also freestanding if desired. This presents a rare opportunity to relocate back to wall baths to complete the transformation of a master bathroom or other bath space, or to have the option to relocate them if desired in the future.
  • They come in a range of shapes and sizes. Though many back to wall baths have a basic oval or rectangular shape, some are more triangular. The latter are frequently referred to as corner baths. At House of Home, you’ll find an impressive selection of exceptional corner baths for sale.

  • They come in a plethora of depths. In fact, some wall facing bathtubs have a very deep tub depth or a graded tub with “steps” designed to make soaking, bathing and relaxing easier. Plus, those with gradated interior tubs add visual appeal to a bathroom.

  • They are available in several materials, including acrylic, stone composite and steel/enamel. Each of these materials has a different look and feel, allowing you to choose the suitable wall facing bath for your home.

  • They can fit smaller bathrooms, as well as bathrooms located on different levels. Many high-end apartments, penthouse and condominium residents choose to have a wall facing bath rather than one that has to be built into the flooring or takes up too much room. It’s a fine way to have luxury without sacrificing floor space.

  • They are the perfect space saving solution. A wall facing bath offers the look of a freestanding bath from the front but takes up much less space so a sense of luxury can still be created.

  • They are practical and easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about getting in behind the bath to clean as it sits flush against the wall.

  • More than just functional, back to wall baths are very stylish. With clean lines and thinner profile, a wall facing bath will fit seamlessly into any bathroom.

You’ll find that with a back to wall bath, you not only can create the stylish environment you want for your bathroom area, but also maximise any room in a beautiful, timeless way. It doesn’t matter if your tastes are vintage, mid-century modern or contemporary — there’s a back to wall bath waiting for you.

Ordering Back to Wall Baths Is Convenient Online

At House of Home, we designed a shopping experience that is easy and fun. Whether you are looking for corner baths for sale or some other functional piece of high-quality object d’art for your home, you can take your time to browse our ever-changing selection of merchandise. You’ll find it all — and more — on our expertly curated marketplace.

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