Wall Clocks


Wall Clock for Sale Online

Wall clocks are a great way to add a little something extra to your wall space, and House of Home stocks a great selection from retailers across Australia available to buy online and instore.

Wall clocks are an asset to any area including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, receptions and workplaces. They can be decorative, make a statement, double as art, or be used in practical situations such as a waiting room.In a place of business, wall clocks tend to be kept practical in style with a hint of elegance, see our guide Clocks for the Office for some things to consider before purchasing. Whereas in the home, wall clocks are an opportunity for people to showcase their design flair and personality. Wall clock styles can include rustic, antique, modern, classic and retro.

Things to consider when buying a wall clock for sale online:

Weight and placement – ensure that the area you want to hang the wall clock up can sustain carrying the weight of the clock. Also make sure you can reach the clock easily for when you need to change the time and batteries.

Sound – some clocks are louder than others, which can be a pain if they are in quiet areas. Consider the ambient noises of the area you will be placing the clock, and if the loudness of the clock would become annoying.

Readability – as many clocks are now sleek in styling and modern in design, many of them now do not feature any numbers. Some people don’t mind this as their wall clock is also considered a piece of art, but for others, readability is still an important factor. If you choose a clock with no numbers, ensure that you can still tell the time.

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