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Wall beds add extra space to the interior design of your home

Is your home on the small side? Are you wanting to get the best out of the small space but don't know where to begin? Then perhaps a wall bed is the perfect addition to your home. A wall bed can be hidden throughout the day and pulled down at night, maximising the interior space of your home.

Wall beds give added space

Sometimes our home can feel cluttered and this can make us stressed and disorganised. By installing a wall bed, you can eliminate the clutter, giving yourself more floor space when you’re up and about during the day.

Wall beds are the perfect addition to a guest bedroom

Do you own a two-bedroom apartment? You probably want a guest bedroom but when you don’t have guests staying with you, you might want to use the room for other things. Perhaps you want a space to work on your art, or a study. The addition of a wall bed allows you to pack away the bed when your guests aren’t around, giving you a functional area when you need it most.

Wall beds are perfect for your child’s bedroom

We all know kids love to play but perhaps you feel they don’t have enough playtime space in their bedrooms. Installing a wall bed will give you the flexibility to increase the play area of your child’s bedroom when they’re using it. And when they’re tired from playing, simply pull down the bed and let them get some shut-eye.

Wall beds are simple to use

Wall beds are quick and simple to use. You can pull them down or out easily and with minimal fuss. And when you’re done, they store away quickly and out of sight. You don’t need any complicated tools to install a wall bed and unlike a blow-up mattress, there’s no need to spend half an hour pumping it up every time you have guests to stay.

Give your home a wall bed addition

At House of Home we have a selection of wall beds on offer. Increase the space in your home and create the areas you’ve longed for with the addition of a wall bed.

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