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Vinyl Flooring - Durable, Afforable and Stylish

Vinyl flooring is seeing a comeback and, there are some amazing designs sold by retailers all across Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Australia that are advertised on House of Home.

Whether you’re after a vibrant statement block colour, a faux timber pattern or the timeless black and white checkers, there is a vinyl flooring design to suit all home renovations that can be found on House of Home.

Vinyl flooring since the 1980s is predominantly composed of polyvinyl chloride chips, more commonly known as PVC, and is sold in sheets or planks of a variety of thicknesses.

The beauty of vinyl flooring is that it’s easy to clean so it makes for a terrific flooring application for homes with growing families. Furthermore, vinyl flooring is an incredibly durable and an affordable option in terms of renovations that are on tight budgets

Commonly asked vinyl flooring questions:

Q. How do I clean vinyl flooring?

A. Firstly, no matter what your flooring, always try to minimise the amount of dirt that can come into your home by using door mats or rugs in high traffic areas.

Secondly, immediately clean up any spills that may occur with a sponge or mop for wet spills and a broom or vacuum for dry spills.

Lastly, always refer to the maintenance and care instructions supplied to you from your vinyl flooring retailer or manufacturer. That way, you will be sure to get the best out of your vinyl flooring.

Here’s why we think you’ll love Vinyl

  • Vinyl creates a slight cushioning effect, making it a soft and less accident-prone surface for floors

  • Vinyl is traditionally a more economical alternative to traditional flooring surfaces such as timber, concrete, tiles and marble

  • It is possible to DIY Vinyl installation, thus saving further costs

  • If laid correctly in the first place, then Vinyl needs little maintenance

  • Vinyl is a cinch to clean. It is water resistant so bacteria can’t easily hide and fester, thus making this a hygienic flooring solution as well as a low-maintenance one

  • You can lay Vinyl as tiles or in sheets (thus giving even more breadth of choice in terms of finishings)

  • Vinyl comes in an incredible range of textures that mimic other flooring materials, and an equally diverse range of colours and patterns