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Find the vacuum cleaner for sale that's right for you

Whether you require a vacuum cleaner suited to a small, tiled space, or one that can tackle the heavy duty cleaning required for a larger property with carpet and pets, House of Home can help you to find the perfect appliance for your floor.

• Bagged vacuum cleaners: the traditional bagged vacuum cleaner will assist you with your vacuuming needs, and we have a range of suited vacuum cleaner bags available for purchase.

• Upright vacuum cleaners: upright vacuum cleaners are the workhorse of the larger household, able to collect a decent amount before needing to be emptied, and being ideal for both carpeted and hard-floored surfaces.

• Bagless vacuum cleaners: this style of vacuum cleaner is a popular one, involving reduced work when it comes to bag replacement. We have a range of effective and modern bagless vacuum cleaners to suit your home.

• Handheld vacuum cleaners: perfect for those tight spots, for vacuuming the car or for that quick in-between clean. The handheld vacuum is also ideal for cleaning your lounges and sofas.

• Robotic vacuum cleaners: the subject of many amusing YouTube videos featuring cats, these vacuums are not only fun, they're also incredibly time-saving for getting that floor clean without all of the hard work involved.

Make sure you read the descriptions on individual products to ensure that each vacuum cleaner suits the type of floor you need to clean.

Does someone in your home suffer with allergies that can be prevented using the right vacuum cleaner?

Allergies can be made significantly worse by a vacuum cleaner that doesn't adequately pick up allergens, such as dust mites. Check out our blog post on the best vacuum for allergies, and ensure you keep your bedding and Manchester, rugs and mats and lounges and sofas just as clean as your flooring.

You might also find our blog post on how to clean your lounge helpful, as your lounge can have just as many trapped dust mites and other allergens affecting your family's health as a plush carpet.