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Under Counter Basins


Simplistic and enviable under counter basins

For anybody who has seen an under counter basin in another home or establishment, you will know what a step up these are from the norm. Forget a basic freestanding or wall basin; for a modern, clean and seamless addition to your bathroom, seriously consider an under counter basin. There is something truly beautiful about having a basin that is essentially sunken into your bathroom counter. Not only is it a serious space-saver, but you will be in awe at how this simple installation instantly removes a cluttered look from your space and keeps upsplash and mess to a minimum.

We showcase only the best

At House of Home, we have carefully chosen from selected bathroom retailers across Australia to choose only the best range to put front and centre. We are also proud to ensure that our range also covers lower budget under counter basins that will stand the test of time, right through to high-end options that will inject some seriously enviable aethestics into any space.

Our range of ceramic and porcelain basins are perfect for your bathroom, and are the perfect minimalist touch for those amateur interior decorators looking to simplify their space.

From square or rectangular shapes with rounded edges for a contemporary touch, sharp square insets for a futuristic feel, to round or oval under counter basins for a classic and traditional approach - we have it all.

All of the basins we choose to showcase on House of Home are easy-to-clean and top quality, with a high-gloss, sleek finish.

At House of Home, you can rest assured that, whichever choice of under counter basin you opt for, you will be choosing a long-lasting and stunning product that will have your guests green with envy. Browse our range today and take the next step towards building the space of your dreams.

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