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An exciting range of TVs on the market

TVs are still one of the most important and widely-used enhancers of lifestyle in your home, and with modern technology speeding ahead at a fast pace, the range of TVs on the market - from impressive high-definition screens to the latest big 4K Ultra HDs - has never been as exciting.

Whether it excites or overwhelms you, the range of TVs on the market today - complete with extra features, the latest technologies and integration with the internet - is huge.

What do you need from your TVs?

Don't get pulled in simply by screen size, as you need to consider what actually works best for your room and intended use, how far your couch will be from the screen and how good it will look - whether mounted on the wall or on a cabinet. The good news is that very big screens are now ultra-thin, meaning they are practical to get from the store and easy to place around the home.

Today's various screen technology for TVs

Whether LCD, LED or plasma, often the right TV for you is the one you like best when browsing. The very latest technology is Ultra High Definition, otherwise known as 4K. These TVs feature picture quality four times better than full HD, delivering stunning detail and faster update rates for watching sport. While LCDs are most common, LED TVs are increasingly popular as the displays are even thinner and have superb picture quality, including the much sought-after absolute black, while being energy efficient. Another advantage of LED TVs is that the picture and colour quality look the same no matter what angle you are looking at it from, while curved screens make the experience totally immersive. 3D technology, now with glasses and glasses-free iterations, brings TVs positively to life.

Smart TVs and other features

Smart TVs are designed to integrate easily with the internet, allowing you to stream videos, browse the web, play games and use Skype. Many modern TVs on the market also feature superb connectivity, including multiple HDMI ports for your computers, consoles and Chromecast, and also very handy and versatile USB inputs and memory card slots.

Browse House of Home's wide range of the latest TVs now - all selected from Australia's best retailers.

Discover how a TV can be the finishing touch to your ultimate man cave.

Now you've found your perfect TV, discover how to measure an entertainment unit to finish your home entertainment set up.