Traditional Wallpaper


Traditional wallpaper

Have you heard? Wallpaper is back in style and nothing is more tasteful than the traditional. Look through our range of traditional wallpaper designs to find the perfect look for you room. Our range is sourced from the best stores in Australia, and available both online and in store. Search by brand, price, or colour to find your home’s best match.

Since we're being nostalgic, here’s a quick history on traditional wallpaper styling...

18th century wallpaper

In the 18th century, wallpaper was often intricate and detailed, including views of exotic landscapes, classical architecture, and agricultural settings. But some used the familiar patterns using repeating designs of flowers, people, and animals.

Wallpaper was a substitute for tapestries, and often looked similar, so for an authentic old look, look for something that makes you feel rich and warm.

19th century wallpaper

The 19th century marked a new high for panoramic views as wallpaper in America and France. While in England, the repeating pattern was favoured by designers like William Morris.

Wallpaper was still inspired by tapestry designs; so many patterns looked similar to floral designs in old tapestries. Think of curling ferns, bell flowers, and roses - all were common motifs in popular design.

Colours were soft and dull shades of many varieties, like Bluff, Salmon, Fawn and Light Brunswick. If you are a steampunk fan, decorating inspired by these colours and motifs will lead to authentic vintage Victorian.

20th century wallpaper

Many of us may want to forget the style of the 50s and 60s, but the early 20th century still reflected 19th century designs. Images were toned down, creating styles like the classic Hampstead with black or white line designs on coloured backgrounds.

This developed into the bolder and more cluttered styles of the mid-20th century, a move back to flowers, and the unforgettable statement wallpapers of the 1960s. For a funky look, some carefully chosen designs can make a room come alive.

The 21st century traditional wallpaper

For a classy style in your home, inspiration from these styles are modernised to contemporary tastes. Traditional has become a diverse range, with varied inspirations; you just have to look to find yours. Browse the House of Home range today.