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Towels and Bathmats


Towels & Bathmats

Towels and bathmats pull double duty – keeping you and the bathroom floor dry, as well as adding a pop of colour to your bathroom. The patterns and colours you choose can inject a touch of personality and make styling your bathroom easy. Not only do they add to the colour palette, they can also set the tone of the room.

The importance of a good bathmat:

Bathmats are an especially important item, as accidents are common in the bathroom when there is a wet floor involved. Keep yourself and your family safe by investing in a high quality bathmat, especially those with a rubber backing to prevent slips and falls.

Bathmats also protect your bathroom floor from the effects of constant water spillage over time – preventing your grouting from breaking down or your polish from peeling.

Choosing a bath towel:

There are a range of patterns, colours and textures to choose from, but perhaps the most important factor is the gsm rating. Gsm stands for grams per square metre and represents the quality of the towel. The higher the gsm, the better and more absorbent the towel. Anything over 400 gsm is a great choice.

If you find bath towels are not quite big enough for your liking, consider purchasing a bath sheet instead.

Now you've found your perfect towels you'll be wanting a heated towel rail.

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