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Towel shelves for exceptional storage

Towel organisation made easy

There are few household messes worse than wet towels strewn across rooms or left on the floor. Not having enough storage space for easy-access to towels, or trying to find wardrobe, closet or cabinet space to fit the multitude of towels you accrue for the home, can be just as frustrating.

A towel shelf is a simple, practical alternative to cramming bath towels, bath mats or hand towels into every possible free space in your drawers.

Perfect for fixing to your bathroom or laundry wall to keep the floor or walls clean and clear, the beauty of a great towel shelf is that it draws the attention up, therefore creating the illusion of a space being larger than it actually is. They are also a great addition to guest bathrooms to add a small but pivotal "hotel experience" to a visitor's stay.

There's no more need for space-minimising cabinets or drawers; towel shelves open up your space and also allow for easy access to a fresh, plush towel whenever you need one.

Our statement range

Now that you have decided on the addition of a towel shelf, here comes the fun part!

Choosing a shelf to house all of your favourite towels is easy with Home of Home. Simply browse our complete range, or filter your results according to material preference, store locality, price or brand.

A contemporary choice is a simple, chrome towel shelf that easily stores a stack of towels. Fancy something a little more earthy? A teak shelf (with the practical addition of hanging hooks for towels currently in use) is a rustic, warm addition to any space. Maybe you are searching for a sleek, sophisticated shelf. We also stock a large number of classic black matte variations.

Browse our top-quality range online today and you will love the beauty of your new towel shelf and its easy storage capabilities.

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