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Towel Ring


Put a ring on it: stunning bathroom towel ring

Simple yet effective towel rings

You can often be pressed for space in a bathroom or laundry. Usually the most compact rooms within a house or apartment, any free space you can find to use for storage or organisation is a godsend. That shouldn't stop you from being able to show off a dash of your own personal flair - no matter how limited your options are. Perhaps a towel rail or shelf isn't an option due to limited space to spare. Enter the towel ring.

Simple and minimal, yet eye-catching, a great towel ring will not only keep your often-used towels in one tidy spot, but it can also add a touch of style and sophistication to whichever space you choose to hang it.

Towel rings are great additions to bathrooms, laundries or toilets for easy access to hand towels. They can also be a practical addition to your kitchen and a unique way of displaying your tea towels - no more using the oven handle to hang these!

Our unique range of towel rings

At House of Home, we choose our showcased products from only the best quality, budget-friendly suppliers and retailers across the nation.

It would be easy to assume that as a towel ring is a relatively small addition to your space, that your options in terms of colour, style and size would be limited. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the range we house are incredibly diverse in their attributes.

An ever-popular choice for rooms that require a towel within arm's reach is a simple, round chrome, silver or brass towel ring. These options are contemporary and sleek, and will match most interiors.

How about taking the plunge and adding a touch of modern glamour to your space with a chic black towel ring?

Perhaps you are feeling daring and want to opt for a geometric shaped towel ring, in lieu of a classic round ring. We have a range of square towel rings that are sure to grab attention.

Browse House of Home's terrific range of towel rings today, available for easy purchase both in-store and online.

Find out how a towel ring can be the finishing touch to your perfect powder room.

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