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Towel Rails


Towel rails with a difference

You would be mistaken for assuming that all towel rails are the same, and that your towel rail choice can't help define the style and decor of your bathroom. We are proud to feature an astoundingly diverse range of towel rails right here in one spot, giving you a well-rounded mix of rails to choose from.

Whether you are after a chrome or black towel rail for a modern, futuristic look, or a timeless white tone for a well-blended finish - we have it here. Your options don't just end at colour choice, however.

Maybe you have been on the hunt for a wall-mounted single towel rail for an easily-accessible hand towel, a cute and compact toilet roll rail, or a multi-tiered rail or towel ladder to hang and dry your family's towels in one tidy space. At House of Home we have a large number of all of these options for your bathroom.

Nobody likes to be confronted with towels flung haphazardly over any spare space in the bathroom. A great towel rail can keep your bathroom neat and tidy.

Not just for your bathroom

At House of Home, we also have a range of towel rails suitable for kitchen or laundry installation. A classic and accessible chrome paper towel holder is an essential in any kitchen or laundry to wipe up nasty spills. Your rail options don't just end in the bathroom, and these handy additions to various areas of your home will keep your towels within easy reach and the task of cleaning that much simpler.

Browse our selection today

Whether your towel rail needs lie in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry - you will be sure to find a retailer or supplier within Australia that offers either instore or online purchase - featured right here on House of Home.

Discover the different between a towel rail and a towel hook and which will suit your bathroom the best.

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