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Lush towel packs to last the long-term

There's nothing like stepping out of a hot shower and enveloping your body in a beautiful, new bath towel that not only feels like a warm hug, but is of stunning quality as well.

Investing in great-quality towels that are made to go the distance is a must for any homeowner or renter. Well-made manchester and towel packs will last you years and the investment will be worth every penny for the payoff you receive.

Having a pack of various towels for your bathroom needs that also complements your home decor - hand towels, bath towels, bath mats or face washers - will make sure that you are always set to step into a hot bath or a warm shower and soak the day's cares away.

Our range of towel packs are sure to impress

At House of Home, we choose only the best towel retailers and suppliers from all across Australia, to ensure that you are ecstatic with your purchase and will enjoy your towel pack for years to come.

From 4-piece towel packs for an individual, right through to 14-piece packs for the whole family, our range is carefully chosen from suppliers that will meet any budget - from affordable department stores, right through to high-end homeware retailers. Rest assured that, whatever your budget, the towel pack you choose will: be of the utmost quality, feel soft on your skin, be super absorbent and wash and dry well.

Beautiful colours and fabrics

From luxurious bamboo Egyptian cotton to cordoroy rib, House of Home showcases a variety of towel packs to help you find the perfect fit. It doesn't just end there. Each of our towel packs, whatever the fabric you decide on, is also available in a spectrum of colours. Are you looking for crisp whites or tan neutrals to blend seamlessly into your home? Perhaps you are looking for a colour pop of lemon, lime or coral. If so, you'll find the perfect fit right here.

At House of Home, we stock a beautiful-quality, economical range of towel packs that are super-absorbent, soft and the ultimate addition to your bathroom space. Browse our range today.

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