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Top Loader Washing Machines


Choosing the right top loader washing machine for you

With hundreds of different top loader washing machines to choose from, buying the right one for you and your circumstances can be difficult. In fact, according to Choice, an independent evaluator of Australian goods, washing machines are one of the hardest appliances to purchase.

However, if you make the right choice, then your top loader washing machine will last you years, will wash your clothing thoroughly, and will be a valuable addition to your home. Plus, your top loader washing machine will be energy rated,water efficient, and reliable.

The top loader machine defined

There are three different types of top loader machines that you can purchase; these are the agitator, the impeller, or the low-profile agitator machine. While all three clean clothes well, some are harsher than others or they may use more water or energy.

Agitators: this is the most common design on the market. An agitator sits in the centre of the machine and twists and turns to clean clothing. This type of top loader machine cleans clothing quickly, but it can be rough.

Impellers: a lesser-known model, this machine has a bump in the middle of its tub, which rotates and creates turbulence to clean clothing. This type of top loader machine can use more water and energy to run, and is prone to going off balance.

Low-profile agitators: these machines are similar to the agitators, except they have an impeller that sits in the tub, along with a full-sized agitator. This top loader machine is said to be softer on clothing but still gives a thorough clean.

Look through House of Home’s selection of top loader machines now and compare these to find the right machine for you. Our top loader machines are some of the most affordable on the market.