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Toothbrush Holders


Toothbrush holders with a touch of chic

At House of Home, our toothbrush holders give a modern flair to any bathroom. Our elegant designs guarantee the holder you select will blend seamlessly with your bathroom scheme. A huge selection of shapes and sizes make House of Home the best choice when giving vanity space the ‘wow’ factor.

Selecting a toothbrush holder

Our experienced team at House of Home have created a user-friendly website guaranteed to find the perfect additions to your living area. We are passionate about helping you find the right toothbrush holder and suggest using the following tips when making a selection:

1. Hygiene: Some designs have small holes that allow the toothbrush stem to sit snugly in the cylinder. Perfect for a one or two person space, we suggest being mindful of cleaning issues, as these holders can gather residue that is tricky to rinse away.

2. Toothbrush style: The size of your toothbrush can make all the difference. Electric or battery-operated brushes tend to have a wider base and will need a larger area to sit in.

3. Users: Little hands may benefit from a sturdier toothbrush holder. It’s suggested that those with small children consider more solid designs to prevent accidental breakages.

4. Toothbrush traffic: Lots of mouths to clean? A larger or double style holder will make life easier, without compromising on style or elegance.

Seamless installation

Many of our toothbrush holders are wall-mounted. This lets you keep surfaces clean and tidy and shows off your flair for decorating. At House of Home, our handpicked range makes installation easy: if wall mounted, a simple and strong suction cup is all that’s needed to set up your new accessory. To find out more, contact one of our friendly distributors who will be happy to answer any questions.

House of Home make online shopping a breeze. Modify the search to find the perfect toothbrush holder to complete your bathroom. Jump on to the website today and let us help you put the finishing touches on your home.

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