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Replacing your toilet seat

If your toilet seat needs replacing, you’ve come to the right place. The high quality range of toilet seats available at House of Home can be purchased with or without a lid, and some with electronic controls to personalise your toilet experience.

Choosing a new toilet seat can be a super easy process, so long as you know what you’re looking for. So where do you start?

Figure out your toilet shape:

First you need to determine the shape of your toilet – this is the most important factor when purchasing a new toilet seat. Get this wrong and your toilet seat won’t fit! Toilet shapes can vary slightly, and subsequently so can toilet seats, so it’s important to be able to know the difference.

Your toilet will either be a round shape or an oval shape. How can you figure this out of it’s not obvious? Measure it. A round toilet is typically 16.5 inches or 42 centimetres from the front of the bowl to the back of the bowl where the hinges for the toilet seat are positioned. An oval toilet bowl is 18.5 inches or 47 centimetres for the same measurement.

After you’ve figured out your toilet shape, you’re then free to choose your material, finish and style toilet seat! Too easy. If you’re looking for something with a little luxury, go for a toilet seat with electronic controls to personalise your toilet settings. You’ll never have to sit on a cold toilet seat ever again!

Browse our range of toilets including wall hung and freestanding styles to go with your new toilet seat.

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