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Toilet Cisterns


Toilet cisterns

Choosing a toilet cistern:

The most important decision when choosing a toilet cistern is deciding between an in wall cistern and an on wall cistern.

In wall cistern:

Also known as concealed cistern, in wall cisterns are a popular choice for smaller bathrooms where any space saving options are important. Built into your bathroom wall, in wall cisterns provide a minimalist look, as the only indication of its existence is the in wall cistern buttons.

Paired with a wall-mounted toilet, choosing an in wall cistern is a great way to save on wall and floor space, making your bathroom appear bigger. Many in wall cisterns include framing, so the hard work is done for you.

On wall cisterns:

On wall toilet cisterns are fixed to your bathroom wall, rather than inside it. The range of on wall toilet cisterns still save on space, as they are not as bulky as traditional toilet cisterns. On wall cistern finishes include white, coloured, and ivory.

If you opt for a in wall cistern, you can actually buy your cistern, wall mounted toilet and in wall cistern buttons as a package through House of Home. Alternatively, you can search for and purchase these items individually.

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