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Choose a modern, sleek and stylish toaster

After a long night in bed, is there a better smell in the morning than that of freshly cooked toast? A couple of slices of toast from an easy-to-use, stylish and modern toaster is the perfect start to any day. Choosing and using a toaster may seem simple, but it's important to get it right so that your day always starts off on the right foot.

Mornings are much better when you combine your favourite coffee with some toast. A toaster may seem like a simple machine, but they can also have fancy features including heat adjusters and even LED lights. Toasters can also have cancel buttons and even friendly beeps to tell you when your toast is ready to butter!

Toasters can be stylish and sleek

You can choose between the usual two-slice toaster or perhaps go for a four-slice toaster, which is perfect for a bigger family. A two-slice toaster can also be a great choice because they are small and sleek, therefore saving you valuable bench space, and they may have wide openings. This means you will be able to toast things like very thick bread, English muffins and bagels.

Toasters come in a range of models and styles

When it comes to choosing the perfect toaster for your family, the good news is that they come in a range of models and styles so that you can match the décor of your kitchen to your new toaster.

A good toaster will make for easy cleaning

Do you like to freeze bread? If so, you can look for a toaster with a defrosting setting. Or are you always forgetting to grab your toast once it pops up? Look for a toaster with a re-heat setting! Good toasters may even have a removable crumb tray for hygiene and easy cleaning. Browse the huge selection of toasters at House of Home today.