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Terrazzo Floor Tiles


Terrazzo floor tiles:

Terrazzo floor tiles are a luxurious addition to your home and provide an elegant element that your guests will marvel over. Terrazzo floor tiles are comprised of marble, quartz, glass and granite, resulting in a smooth and polished floor finish.

House of Home stocks a high quality selection of terrazzo floor tiles in a range of colours including various tones of black, blue, brown, charcoal, white and multi-coloured.

Either square or rectangle, and available in a range of sizes from 410mm to 1800mm, you’ll find the perfect tile to suit your home. Terrazzo tiles are perfect for kitchens, hallways, entranceways, dining areas, and laundry rooms.

For tiles that truly shine and really make an impact, choose terrazzo floor tiles for your home.

Tips for buying terrazzo floor tiles:

• Measure the space you wish to tile, this will help you determine how many tiles you’ll need.

• Purchase an extra 5 – 10% of what you think you’ll need, just in case of breakages or mis-cuts.

• Choose a lighter tone tile for smaller, more enclosed spaces to make it feel bigger, and choose a darker tile for more impact.

• Hire a professional to install the tiles to ensure a perfect finish and to make the most of your investment.

• For extra effect, choose a coloured grout to really make the tiles pop.

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