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Tips for choosing the right table

Gone are the days when buying a table was a simple matter. These days, tables come in so many varied designs that deciding which to settle on can be tough! Don't believe us? Well, check out the range on our pages - from round marble side tables to replica Componibilis, which double up as storage units. Sometimes, we can't believe how much choice we offer.

Can't make up your mind? Let's help you out with a few tips.

1. Get your tape measure out

One of the easiest ways to narrow down the field is by setting a few size limits. After all, there's no point in buying a table you adore, only to find out that it's cramping your style. So, measure the space between your imaginary table and the walls, and then between your imaginary table and existing furniture. Choose a table that'll fit comfortably.

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2. Rectangular or round?

Whether or not you go for rectangular or round should be decided according to two things: how much space you have and the shape of the room. Round tables, for example, are brilliant in small spaces. You can squeeze them into a corner and, should anyone bump into them, there's no need to worry about nasty sharp corners. In contrast, rectangular tables look spectacular in long, high-ceilinged spaces. That's why you so often see them in mansions in British period films. They create a majesty and elegance that round tables can't quite capture. A third option is an oval - which is a happy compromise between a circle and a rectangle!

3. Rustic or contemporary?

There are two options when it comes to style. On one hand, you can select a table that matches your current interior design, maintaining the sense of balance already created. On the other hand, you can use a complete contrast. Throw a rustic, wooden table into contemporary surroundings, for example, and your dining room will take on a whole new character.

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