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Table Clock


Table Clocks to Keep Things Ticking Along

Table clocks are a great way to decorate your home and are perfect additions to living rooms, hallways, kitchens, dining areas and guest bedrooms. House of Home has an impressive range of table clocks to give your home a more polished look. Browse and purchase the range online, through click and collect or head in store.

The importance of a table clock:

Table clocks allow you to add style and flair in any room, while also performing the obvious function of telling you the time! There is an array of styles to choose from to suit all homes and all tastes, including contemporary, classic, vintage, retro, and designer.

The clocks also come in several different finishes and sizes to suit any setting. Position your new table clock on a mantelpiece, windowsill, buffet hutch, kitchen bench, dining hall or bedroom dresser. They also look great on bookshelves and side tables.

Choosing a table clock:

Table clocks are the ideal opportunity to make a statement with a bold clock choice. If it will be used more as a decorative accessory than to tell the time, feel free to go for a bigger and bolder look than what you would typically choose.

If the most important factor is its time telling abilities, then choose a clock with a clean design and clear numbers. Also consider the desired placement of your new clock and the size allowance this spot provides – this will ensure the clock will fit nicely.

Discover the difference between traditional and classic furniture and how a table clock can embody this in your home.